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Klark Teknik DN360

Klark Teknik DN360

Klark Teknik DN360 - najpopulárnejší ekvalizér všetkých čias

KLARK TEKNIK DN360 - 2 x 30 pásmový ekvalizér, ktorý sa hneď po uvedení na trh stal uznávanou svetovou jednotkou.

Dodnes sa vyrobilo vyše 35000 kusov DN360.

Klark Teknik DN360/P2H - DN360 with outputs configured pin 2 hot

Klark Teknik DN360B - DN360 with output balancing transformers

Klark Teknik DN360/P2H/B - DN360/P2H with output balancing transformers

Klark Teknik DN360F - DN360 with output and input balancing transformers

Klark Teknik DN370

Klark Teknik DN370

Klark Teknik DN370 je nástupcom svetovo uznávanej jednotky DN360.

Okrem 2 x 30 pásmového EQ obsahuje v pravej časti ovládacie prvky pre preladiteľný Hi-Pass (od 20Hz do 500Hz) a Low-Pass (od 2kHz do 20kHz) filter a dva úzkopásmové filtre (preladiteľné od 20Hz do 2kHz a od 200Hz do 20kHz) pre odstránenie spätnej väzby.

Ďaľšia výbava :

- Gain control +6dB/-infinity so strednou pozíciou "unity gain". Umožňuje v prípade súrnej potreby rýchle "zamute-ovanie kanálu"

- olejom tlmené 45mm fadery zapúzdrené v protiprachovom kryte

- nové filtre s proporcionálnym Q, ktoré majú konštatnú širku nezávislú od zdvihu (potlačenia), čím minimalizujú vzájomný vplyv susedných filtrov a predstavujú novú kvalitu v oblasti ekvalizácie

- prepínač rozsahu ±6dB alebo ±12dB s indikáciou LED

Klark Teknik DN370B - DN370 with output balancing transformers

Klark Teknik DN370F - DN370 with output and input balancing transformers

Electro-Voice, Dynacord, Midas, Klark Teknik, Cordial, Neutrik  Klark Teknik DN370 - Data Sheet

Klark Teknik DN530

Klark Teknik DN530

DN530 Creative Quad Gate

With the unrelenting absorption of signal processing into digital mixing consoles, outboard gear now has to contribute something extra special merely to justify its space in the rack. The new DN530 Creative Quad Gate does just that. It brings some exciting new tools to the audio party. The DN530 features "Transient Accenting", a creative feature providing an easy way to enhance the attack envelope beyond merely opening the gate. This can provide up to 12dB of additional transient energy and its primary application is to provide additional impact on drums and percussion instruments, although it can be used to enhance the impact of many instruments, including acoustic stringed instruments such as guitar and piano.

Transient Accenting is unique in that it allows the operator precise control over the amount of enhancement applied to each channel of processing.

The DN530 brings a creative flare to drum channels with its unique accent feature which largely eliminates the need for excessive EQ or compression.

  • Quad channel gate
  • It features a unique progressively controllable accent level that emphasizes the start of a signal to increase the dynamic power within percussive signals
  • Gate attack is exponential which means it can be set extremely fast to reduce signal loss at the start of sounds while remaining sonically transparent - no clicks
  • Gate release is reverse exponential so it can be set relatively fast and blend in seamlessly with the natural decay of the material
  • Designed from an exemplary technical point of view, features extremely low noise and distortion levels
  • The gate features an advanced band pass side chain filter to increase trigger source discrimination
  • The gate provides rotary controls for all envelope characteristics and range
  • External key inputs and ducking facilities are provided
  • The status of bypass, solo and other major switches are boldly presented to avoid mistakes
  • Road worthy chassis
  • Balanced outputs
  • Auto switching power supply
  • 1U

Klark teknik DN540

Klark teknik DN540

DN540 Quad Compressor

Compressors were originally devised to reduce the dynamic range of audio signals. To do this they use gain modification that makes adjustments to signal levels automatically, dependant on the level and dynamic of the signal itself, and upon the character and control settings of the particular compressor unit.

Throughout the history of dynamics processing many different types of compressor have been produced using many different types of gain technology. Each type has a distinctive sound. Users have found many applications which benefit from these often unintentional compression audio artifacts, taking the use of compressors far beyond simple dynamic range reduction, sometimes even generating the complete reverse; dynamic enhancement. It is with these creative applications in mind, that the DN540 has been designed to offer a latency-free, comprehensive and compact dynamics processing package.

With its unique presence feature the DN540 will be especially useful on vocals to eliminate the "pumping" effects of spill and to add "air" to the sound without introducing noise.

  • Quad channel compressor
  • Easy to use and requires minimum set up to produce excellent results
  • Features a unique and intuitive presence control that improves the high frequency sound quality without increasing noise or squealing (howl-round)
  • Features extremely low noise and distortion levels
  • Designed from a sonic point of view and can produce extremely transparent compression
  • Advanced envelope generator with manual controls that can be easily switched in or out to produce transparency or creative dynamic effects
  • The compressors intuitive turn it up, turn it down approach to control knob labeling avoids confusion during fast adjustment
  • The status of bypass, solo and other major switches are boldly presented to avoid mistakes
  • Linking features true power summing so it always provides true threshold setting for stereo material
  • Great sounding compressor as it has been "tuned" by ear
  • Road worthy chassis
  • Balanced outputs
  • Auto switching power supply
  • 1U

Klark Teknik DN1248

Klark Teknik DN1248

Klark Teknik DN1248 Plus - 12 input / 48 output active microphone splitter

Even in this digital age, we’ve kept sight of the numerous applications where analogue devices provide the best solution. One such application is providing multiple feeds from a single source, hence the introduction of the DN1248 Plus Active Signal Splitter.

Housed in a roadworthy 3RU chassis with internal power supply, a single DN1248 Plus provides twelve input channels, each feeding four outputs, two of which are electronically balanced and two which are transformer isolated.

On the rear of the unit can be found output 4, plus duplicates of all the inputs and output 1, so the patching options are extremely flexible. The microphone preamplifier is a MIDAS Heritage series unit, specially adapted to the task and providing all the great sound and headroom for which MIDAS preamps are world famous.

Several factory options are available for DN1248 Plus: the ‘DP’ option, which provides (at very low cost) a second, linked internal PSU to provide auto-backup in the case of PSU failure.

The ‘AT’ option provides transformer balancing for all 48 outputs, and the ‘FM’ variant combines both ‘DP’ and ‘AT’ advantages. Plus, the whole unit is designed so that a customer can easily retrofit the multipin connector and input / output configuration of their choice.

  • New connector configuration allows instant system upgrade with no re-wiring
  • Internal dual-redundancy power supply available as a low-cost factory option
  • MIDAS Heritage Series pre-amplifier and unique KT design provides ultimate audio quality
  • Three year International factory warranty
  • Internal power supply with factory option of backup PSU
  • If your application relies on an active splitter system, rely on the Greatest Name in Professional Signal Processing

Klark Teknik DN1248 PLUS-DP - DN1248 Plus fitted with 2 x Internal power supplies

Klark Teknik DN1248 PLUS-AT - DN1248 Plus with all outputs transformer balanced

Klark Teknik DN1248 PLUS-FM - DN1248 Plus, all outputs transformer balanced & 2 x PSUs